Me Pierre-Hugues Fortin

Me Pierre-Hugues Fortin was admitted to the Bar of Quebec in 1999 and his principal areas of practice are Personal Rights Law, Divorce and Family Law and Estate Law. Me Fortin practices Divorce and Family Law on a provincial, national and international level.

Me Pierre-Hugues Fortin began his legal career in 1998 in one of Montreal's leading International Family Law firm as an articling student and thereafter as a lawyer, the whole until 2012 when he co-founded FSD Law Group Inc. Me Fortin is a member of the Montreal Bar, Quebec Bar, the Canadian Bar Association, the Association of Family Lawyers of the province of Quebec (AAADFQ) as well as of the International Academy of Family Lawyers (Fellow, Governor, Immediate Past President of the Canadian Chapter).

Since beginning his law career, Me Fortin has worked on a variety of cases involving clients ranging from the average person, to professional athletes and managers, international celebrities and other clients with substantial assets and complex financial situations. Me Fortin is an experienced litigator equipped with a great knowledge of the law, and has the necessary skills and aptitude required to handle both short and long lasting high-level trials. FSD Law Group Inc.’s collegial team approach allows Me Fortin to be engaged in all cases, where he provides guidance and support to other members of the firm.

Many of the Family Law cases handled by Me Fortin dealt with International Family Law, more specifically matters relating to International jurisdiction of Quebec authorities, Private International Law, Conflict of Laws as well as Conflict of Jurisdictions. Me Fortin has worked on cases involving several countries, namely South Africa, England, China, Colombia, United States of America (New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Indiana, Florida, California), France, Israel, Lebanon, Switzerland, Canada (Quebec, Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia) and Saudi Arabia. Me Fortin benefits from an international professional network allowing him to have access to relevant legal resources in a situation where the law of a foreign country must be considered.

Me Fortin has also worked on cases involving international child abduction, which cases are governed according to the Act Respecting the Civil Aspects of International and Interprovincial Child Abduction and to the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction. The most recent international child abduction case handled by Me Fortin involved the province of Quebec and the state of Massachussetts in the United States. You will find a copy of the decision ordering the return of the minor child in the USA under the «Judgments» section of our website.

The areas of practice in which our law firm evolves, namely personal rights law, family law and Estate law, govern a wide range of situations that may occur in a person's life: problems relating to the exercice of civil rights and to the relationship between spouses (de facto spouses, married spouses or civil union spouses or civil union spouses) and difficulties that may occur following death.

Me Pierre-Hugues Fortin

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In order to illustrate the above, here are a few examples of cases in which Me Fortin was recently involved:

Personal Rights Law

Institution/termination of protective supervision regimes and/or asset protection measures in cases involving a multitude of medical experts and considerable assets.

Family Law

Complex divorce cases in which important financial requests were at stake, including spousal support claims, partition of family patrimony, partition of matrimonial regime and requests for lump sum and/or compensatory allowance.

Estate Law

Cases where undue influence and incapacity were invoked in suppot of the nullity of testamentary dispositions and/or notarial deeds. As an example, Me Fortin successfully represented the Defendant Amanda Rodrigues against the mother and the brother of the deceased, Arturo Gatti Sr., who were seeking an annulment of a notarized will, claiming that the deceased boxer was unduly influenced by his wife. The Gatti family members were also seeking for a declaration of unworthiness against the boxer's wife on a basis that she behaved in a seriously reprehensible manner towards her husband.