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Our mission

To be your partner in resolving your legal disputes and representing your interests while using the highest of ethical standards. Excellence, efficiency, commitment, dedication and integrity are the main values adhered to by all FSD Law Group Inc. Montreal lawyers.

Our firm

Our firm emphasizes a collegial team approach when handling cases entrusted to us. This approach adds value to the services offered and creates an advantage for all FSD Law Group Inc. clients, who also benefit from a combination of resources and knowledge, regardless of the lawyer who is assigned to the case. This collectivity of legal knowledge and talent offers a wide range of skills and services available to our clients. Advocating a compassionate and personalized approach, by remaining attentive to the particular needs and interests of our clients, we focus on the strategy best suited to their situation and interests. The strength and the assurance of FSD Law Group Inc. is a major asset when it comes to negotiating, preparing a case or pleading a case before the courts. FSD Law Group Inc. ensures that the pleadings recommended to our clients are proportional, in terms of cost and time required, with the nature and complexity of each case handled. Consequently, negotiation and conciliation play an important role in each case before us. If any case or dispute must go to court, the lawyers of FSD Law Group Inc. are able to ensure an effective, strong and professional representation to our clients, whether it be before the Court of Quebec, the Superior Court of Quebec or the Court of Appeal of Quebec.

FSD Law Group Inc. Montreal Lawyers are competent to represent your interests in Divorce and Family Law, International Child Abduction, Personal Rights Law, Succession / Estate Law, Civil Liability / Personnal Injury, and in particular with respect to  the following matters: 

Divorce and family law

  • Conflict of Jurisdictions / Conflict of Laws; 
  • Marriage Annulment;
  • Separation From Bed and Board;
  • Divorce;
  • Modification of Accessory Measures to a Divorce;
  • Drafting Agreements with Respect to Accessory Measures to a Divorce or to a Separation From Bed and Board;
  • Child Support and Special Expenses;
  • Alimentary Support for Children of Full Age;
  • Alimony (Spousal Support) / Lump Sum / Compensatory Allowance;
  • Retroactivity;
  • Child Custody / Access Rights / Authorization to travel;
  • Relocation of Minor Children;
  • Parental Alienation;
  • Partition of Patrimonial and Matrimonial Assets (Family Patrimony and Matrimonial Regimes);
  • Actions Relating to Filiation (Disavowal, Contestation, Establishment of Filiation) and Change of Name;

International child abduction

Act respecting the Civil Aspect of International and Interprovincial Child Abduction and Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction

Personal rights law

  • Mandates given in anticipation of incapacity (Homologation / Revocation);
  • Protective supervision regimes (Institution / Judgment of Release);
  • Advisors to person of full age;
  • Tutorship / Curatorship to person of full age; 
  • Administration of tutors / Property of others, solutions aiming at resolving family related conflicts;

Succession / Estate law

  • Validity of inter vivos / mortis causa gifts;
  • Revocation of gifts in account of ingratitude;
  • Validity of Wills and legacees;
  • Disputes concerning the liquidation of the succession and / or the functions performed by the Liquidator of the Succession;
  • Unworthiness of inheritance;