Me Marie-Helene Saad

Me Marie-Helene Saad was admitted to the Bar of Quebec in 2007 and primarily practices family law as well as civil liability. Her professional attitude, dedication to her clients and keen attention to detail allows her to vigorously represent the interests of her clients whether in court or during negotiation sessions.

Me Saad began her legal career in one of Montreal's leading International Family Law firm as an articling student, and after having been called to the Quebec Bar in 2007, as a lawyer, the whole until 2012 when she co-founded FSD Law Group Inc. Me Marie-Hélène Saad is a member of the Montreal Bar, The Young Bar Association of Montreal, the Quebec Bar, the Canadian Bar Association and the Association of Family Lawyers of the Province of Quebec.

Since beginning her law career, Me Saad works on many facets of family law and her principal areas of practice include divorce, separation, partition of patrimonial and matrimonial property, child custody, parental alienation, child support and special expenses, alimentary support to children of full age, spousal support, modification of orders, actions relating to the contestation or establishment of filiation and to the name change in filiation cases.

During her tenure, Me Saad also worked on international family law cases involving the Act respecting reciprocal enforcement of maintenance orders as well as in matters of enforcement of foreign judgments in Quebec or Quebec judgment in foreign countries. She also worked in matters of conflict of jurisdictions and laws concerning divorce, separation, custody and support, as well as in matters of moving / relocation of children. Me Saad has worked on cases involving several American states such as California, Florida, New Jersey, Texas, Massachusetts and other countries such as Pakistan, Iran, South Korea, Italy, England, Switzerland, France, Germany and Brazil.

Me Saad has also been involved in Estate Law cases, particularly in cases pertaining to the nullity of a Last Will and Testament when it is alleged by one party that the testator was unduly influenced by someone using reprehensible manoeuvres in order to bring the testator to consent to a liberality that he would not have consented to otherwise. In a particular instance, Me Saad presented Incidental Motions, such as a Motion for Compulsory Inspection in order to obtain from the notary a copy of the Last Will and Testament as well as of the revoked wills.

Me Saad also practices in civil liability and medical malpractice suits, where she mostly negotiates out of court settlements.

Before focusing on the law, Me Saad studied at the University of Montreal where she obtained in 2001 her Bachelor of Science degree (Nursing)(B.Sc). She then completed in 2004 all courses relating to the Master in Nursing program and completed in 2006 an integrated co-op Bachelor of Laws and Master of Business Administration (LL.B-MBA) degree from the University of Sherbrooke. During her studies, Me Saad worked for the Mental Health department at MSSS and then worked at Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton at the health and social services department.

Me Saad’s academic background and diversity of work experiences has enabled her to develop excellent professional strengths, she is structured, organized, analytical, systematic, well planned and always prepared.

Me Marie-Hélène Saad

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